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Pebbles of Hope After Election Day

I went to bed last night scared. I woke up sad and angry and so so confused. I don’t understand how a country like the United States could so willingly put hatred in the highest political office. My co-workers are … Continue reading

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Les MisBarak

The national campaign office for Barak Obama has just won the ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET. If I wasn’t already voting for him, I would vote for him based on this awesome AWESOME piece of awesomeness. This makes me feel SO MUCH … Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago, we had school wide standardized testing. During which I got to administer four separate tests to six different kids, all of whom got accomodations or modifications. Three got the whole test read to them. Four … Continue reading

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Ashley X

For those of you who missed the story of Ashley X and her “revolutionary” new treatment to make her disabled life better, Ill give you a quick run down. Ashley is a nine year old girl, whose parents decided to … Continue reading

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Damn It South Dakota

Seriously, the stupidity is spreading. So, it started with South Dakota, banning any and all abortions. We wont discuss the one “exception” that was offered, because it makes me so angry i could spit. But now, lets all go read … Continue reading

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