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A Difficult Week

Today, I have: 1. a cold. or the flu. something that involves me struggling to breathe and hacking and coughing and not having a useful amount of voice 2. a migraine, which caused me to leave work when the aura … Continue reading

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Words of Loathing

I am truly, wickedly adoring reading this thread at The Toast – it’s all about books you HAAAAATE. Now, the problem is, while many of the hated books I agree with or have never read due to general apathy, many … Continue reading

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Things I Know

1. If I owe you money and you don’t want paypal, you will most likely never get your money, even if I know I wrote a check and put it in an envelope AND put it in the mailbox. What … Continue reading

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You are the Everything

Wow, I really love Taylor Swift’s new song, Fifteen, don’t you? I mean, all the lyrics really remind me of being in high school. And I can’t even imagine her poor friend, Abigail, who had a boy steal all of … Continue reading

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“At Least”

Back when I had Voldemort – and by “had,” i mean, “expelled him from my body,” people would ask about his birth, and I would say how fast it was, and how intense, and how disappointed I was that Brandus … Continue reading

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