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Pebbles of Hope After Election Day

I went to bed last night scared. I woke up sad and angry and so so confused. I don’t understand how a country like the United States could so willingly put hatred in the highest political office. My co-workers are … Continue reading

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Feeling Old and Achy

Should I already be starting to fall apart? Physically, I mean. I’m pretty sure I fall apart emotionally on a fairly regular basis. But should both feet hurt with what I suspect is planter faciitious? Should I be hobbling around … Continue reading

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“Please don’t call me him.”

I was joking around. I teasingly said something about Voldemort to the dog, and didn’t even realize until V looked up at me with those big eyes and firmly said, “Please don’t call me ‘him.’” I had slipped up without … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo: Here We Go Again

It seemed like a good idea when I signed up..last year went pretty well, I think?

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Dark Water

For no readily available reason, I have been sitting here watching shark documentaries for the past few hours, and I am now even more convinced that everything in the ocean somehow plots to kill me. I’ve had a Thing about … Continue reading

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