Damn It South Dakota

Seriously, the stupidity is spreading.

So, it started with South Dakota, banning any and all abortions.

We wont discuss the one “exception” that was offered, because it makes me so angry i could spit.

But now, lets all go read the bill that Georgia offers to ban abortion.

now, abortion is a highly controversial topic, and if you dont agree with me, thats fine.

but, jeeze, READ the stupidity in this bill!

Abortion results in increased tobacco smoking…Abortion exploits women, treating them and their children as mere property, and abortion is contrary to feminist values…


I just…gah.

I love how numbers from studies are quoted, but the studies arent named or made available. and its “one study says,” not, “repeated studies show.” as far as im concerned, in all my fun years of research papers, one study doesnt prove a damn thing.

look, i might not ever get an abortion, never even really think about it, for ME. but thats ME and i wont make decisions for the rest of the world.

write your reps and your senators, like im about to do. i dont care that i live in colorado now. i grew up in Georgia, and i cant just let this time pass. i didnt say anything about South Dakota, and i wish i had. obviously, it started a trend.

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One Response to Damn It South Dakota

  1. melisa says:

    o to NARAL’s site. It has a nifty calculator and email thing to contact senators and reps. ALso they will send a great newsletter (if you sign up for it) through email to help you know what is going on with abortion rights over the country