Pebbles of Hope After Election Day

I went to bed last night scared.

I woke up sad and angry and so so confused.

I don’t understand how a country like the United States could so willingly put hatred in the highest political office.

My co-workers are crying. My principal is dressed in all black. One child wailed, “I stayed up so late for nothing!” while another child cried in fear for her family.

I feel powerless. I feel hopeless.

But water drips through stone, and tiny pebbles can cause avalanches.

I’m handing out pebbles today. Tiny fragments of safety for people in the LGBTQIA alphabet. I’ve given one to most of the adults at work.

At the very least, this pebble will show someone that SOMEONE cares.

It’s not much. It’s the tiniest thing.

But it is something that I can do. And for today, that will have to be enough.


You can get your own pebbles from #I’llgowithyou.

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3 Responses to Pebbles of Hope After Election Day

  1. Shannon says:

    I managed not to cry until now.

    • alianora says:

      I’m still trying to deal with it. I want to get up, say “to hell with this,” and DO SOMETHING, but I kept freezing instead. *sigh*

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