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Up to Date

I’m attempting to pick a new theme. Expect weirdness for the next few days until I get all bugs worked out and thoroughly squashed. Comments and suggestions helpful.

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The Living is Easy

Blogher is next week!!! I had such an awesome time last year, and I am so excited to go again. Of course, it took some digging to find my cards that I got from moo last year, only to … Continue reading

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Words of Loathing

I am truly, wickedly adoring reading this thread at The Toast – it’s all about books you HAAAAATE. Now, the problem is, while many of the hated books I agree with or have never read due to general apathy, many … Continue reading

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Things I Know

1. If I owe you money and you don’t want paypal, you will most likely never get your money, even if I know I wrote a check and put it in an envelope AND put it in the mailbox. What … Continue reading

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I’m Not Actually a Teacher

What I really do, as every kid knows, is exist ONLY TO FRUSTRATE CHILDREN. And DAMN do I enjoy it! Example 1, conversation between myself (ME) and a highly gifted three year old (SH): SH: Ms. A, why isn’t Joey … Continue reading

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