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What I Will Do Tomorrow

I have big plans for tomorrow, to be carried out after dropping Voldemort at school. They include! -rummaging through the lost and found at the Dark Lordling’s school, as a jacket was lost. I don’t particularly care about the jacket … Continue reading

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5 Best of the Spiral – 2015

Looking back at my stats this past year has been entertaining. Especially because I have whole long stretches without posting ANYTHING where I would be lucky to get 3 views a day. However, for some reason, wordpress/jetpack assures me that … Continue reading

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Happy New

I’m kicking 2015 to the curb and yelling “Good riddance!” I’m also sitting in my pjs under two blankets with tea and seriously contemplating just curling up in my chair for a nap rather than drag myself upstairs to bed. … Continue reading

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Comfort Movies

I have to ask; what do other people watch for comfort movies? I’m not talking about movies when you want to cry or kick things, I mean, movies that you’ll put on whenever – when you need something on in … Continue reading

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Assortment of Chocolates

Oh, look, random links and comments! – I am sitting enjoying my very favorite of Christmas movies, which is, of course, Die Hard. I found myself getting entirely too thinky about how Holly and John split and why and how … Continue reading

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