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From the Trenches of Alcoholism

I can tell now. I know what to look for. And that fact alone has been hard won.It’s come from emergency gallbladder surgery two years ago. From the call from your work a year and a half ago. From a grand mal seizure on the Santa Clause train in front of my entire family this December. From when your skin was yellow. From when the police brought you home. Continue reading

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Insert Sponsor Here: Craftsy

I try not to mention ads too much, although I do run them in the sidebar. Yes, it costs money to run a blog, but in all honesty, I’ve been running a few ads for years and I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Hard Words

Do you still like me? I don’t know how I feel. I love you, yes, but like you? I don’t know right now. Are we going to make it through? I’m not sure yet. Oh. I’m really upset and hurt … Continue reading

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A Difficult Week

Today, I have: 1. a cold. or the flu. something that involves me struggling to breathe and hacking and coughing and not having a useful amount of voice 2. a migraine, which caused me to leave work when the aura … Continue reading

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The Anxiety Machine

A few times a month, I have bad anxiety days. Not days when I have panic attacks – which, thankfully, are rare – just days when my anxiety sits on top of me like a layer of rocks, reminding me … Continue reading

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