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To DONE List

Today, things were accomplished! Not any cleaning, because let’s be honest, that is to be saved for Wednesday, hours before my parents arrive, when I’m running around in circles wondering if the trash can is clean enough* and if Voldemort … Continue reading

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Grocery List

I didn’t realize how bad it was until today. When I realized that not only were we out of regular milk and almond milk, but we were also out of apples, oranges, grapes, sandwich bread, cereal, and cookies. Normally, I … Continue reading

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Voldermort and I end up spending a chunk of time in the car together. In order to keep from losing my damn mind from the whining about the lack of ipad and insane noises and weird body movements my kid … Continue reading

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Voldemort’s current favorite joke: “What’s your name?” “What color is the sky?” “What’s the opposite of down?” I’ve already heard it half a dozen times since I picked them up at school, and have now started giving increasingly weird answers. … Continue reading

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Animal Farm

The cat who really only wants attention when her bowl is empty has been meowing at me all day and is currently sitting on my feet. Both food and water are available, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on. … Continue reading

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