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Yo Check My Flow

Posted by on Thursday, 28 January, 2010

A collection of random thoughts, strung together in no coherent order with numbers and called a post:

1. Something I never expected to have to say to any person (regardless of preschooler status or Autism label) is “Stop eating the laundry basket!” He ripped the bottom off and was chewing on the straw. Why? For the same reason he eats acorns and leaves on the playground. TO MAKE ME CRAZY.

2. Voldemort has gotten progressively more hilarious. Yesterday, he saw helicopters, and when I asked where he thought they were going, he said to our house to pick up Dora treats and then go to the moon.

…it’s cuter if you know him. Otherwise, it’s probably just an annoying story told by an annoying parent who thinks everything her average child does is adorable. NOT THAT MY KID IS AVERAGE. MY KID IS A GENIUS. A GENIUS WHO THINKS THE FUNNIEST KNOCK KNOCK JOKE IS:
Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Griffin who?
Griffin KITTY!

3. I have a tendency to get sucked into certain books and topics. This happened with Julie and Julia, where I saw the movie, which lead to the book, which lead to the blog, where I eventually lost interest.

There was also a previous example where i ran across a post about Tom Cruise and a video he did about Scientology where he basically made no sense, which lead to information about L Ron Hubbard and him being BAT SHIT INSANE, which lead to several weeks where I researched creepy stuff and being brainwashed, and then I started having reoccurring dreams about thetas and being audited, and at that point I decided the crazy was coming from inside the house, so I cut myself off cold turkey and now avoid any and all research into Scientology to avoid active hallucinations about Tom Cruise cracking my skull open and stealing my brain.

Instead, I just finished Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders, so Im about to go locate the Manson documentaries on Netflix and do some research on youtube. I’m absolutely sure this won’t cause me any nightmares or mental trauma!

4. I have now had to remove an obscene amount of materials from my classroom, because I have students who tend to fixate. I had to remove any and all references to Thomas the Train, because I had one student who would do absolutely NOTHING ELSE but drive Thomas and make Thomas noises. Then I had to remove all crayons and small objects that were blue, as a different student would line them all up and would have a complete meltdown when asked to put them away, or do, i dont know, ANYTHING. Then a singing frog, because OMG MAKE THE STUPID SONG STOP FOR THE LOVE OF TOAST. And now, we’re carefully hidden a crock of fake plastic cookies with fake candy on the top, because of the student with the blue fixation has lately been refusing to do things like eat, nap, or participate in circle time for the joy of rubbing two of the cookies together. Ah, sensory issues. HOW FUN!

5. For those of you who know me in real life, you know I
A)love Glee
B)love Asian entertainment
so this promo for Glee on Fox Japan leaves me rolling on the floor laughing.

Sometimes My Fandom Life Overtakes My Real Life

Posted by on Thursday, 29 October, 2009

I have thoughts to share.

An entire story about the sheer ridiculousness that I encountered one day while picking up Voldemort from daycare, when the assistant manager told me, giggling and almost blushing, that she had never known another 2 year old who uses anatomically correct terms for his genitalia.

Because “wee wee” and “pee pee” are so much more appropriate then “penis,” I guess.

More insane stories about my job and the micromanaging, which has now progressed to a degree of inanity where the work room is no longer available to the teaching public of the school. It is kept locked, and all things which must be photocopied, cut, laminated, or die cut must be submitted to the office at least 2 weeks before it is needed.

No, Im really not kidding. Teachers and TAs are no longer allowed to set foot in the workroom.

Stories about the fact my sister is coming to visit tomorrow, and she’s making Indian food, and we’re trying to plot out the best way to make a cake that looks like brains so we can pretend to be zombies.

Instead, I leave you with the song that has been stuck in my head for the past week. It’s a damned addicting vid, too. It’s fairly obvious the guys who dressed them were on crack. I’m very fond of the girl whose hair sticks straight up.

Birthday Fun

Posted by on Friday, 8 February, 2008

This is a little late (which is TOTALLY not my fault, as Im not the one who took the picture, and I had to wait for it to be sent to me), but still!

Amber Benson would like to wish my big sister, Melisa, a very Happy Birthday!

Also? For the fun of it, this has been posted other places around the internets. Please repost as well. If you see it or post it, drop me a link!

my lj

Who Wants a Twig When You Can Climb a Tree

Posted by on Wednesday, 17 October, 2007

Over the past two days, Ive watched the new musical version of Hairspray three times.

Send help.

PS. John Travolta still freaks me out.

Not Funny, or a Cannibal

Posted by on Saturday, 22 September, 2007

Im testing a new code thing. Let’s see if it works. It SHOULD make it insanely easy to link directly to specific things, without me having to remember my associates id and long insane annoying link.

Let’s about we try it with Chuck. Chuck is a new show starring the awesome Adam Baldwin (Yay!). You can download the pilot episode for FREE from unBox.

Ive already watched the pilot, and Im willing to say that its probably going to shoot up to the top of my favorite list.

Well, “top” meaning right after Firefly.

Bon Voyage

Posted by on Thursday, 17 May, 2007

I totally did not just cry through the Gilmore Girls series finale.

I blame it on hormones.

Or on Luke Danes, and how he just likes to see Lorelai happy.


Im going to miss my show.

Potter Mania

Posted by on Friday, 14 April, 2006

I know its quite a while away. Over a year, in fact. But i like shiny things and this one COUNTS DOWN, and that is just nifty.

Plus, its Harry Potter. and everyone should love the Boy Who Lived To Whine a Lot..oh wait, bad. I have issues with his attitude in this book. But, its Harry and its movies and i like them both. So, YAY.

Code from The Leaky Cauldron

Crazy Cooter Coming At Cha on Hazzard Net

Posted by on Sunday, 6 March, 2005

Livejournal is being a bitch, and i want to squee about the fun i am having watching Season one of Dukes of Hazzard!

Now, this might not be a big deal to any of you, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE The Duke boys.

See, when i was a little bitty girl growing up in Disappointment, Georgia, I would go over to my Grandaddy’s house, and we would watch The Dukes of Hazzard.

I would sit right in front of the tv, and cheer as Luke and Bo jumped the General Lee over ditches, ran Sherrif Roscoe P. Coltrane nutty, and generally ran amuk in Hazzard County, Georgia.

Bo Duke was one of my first crushes. I liked Luke, but BO was so cute!

of course, watching these are HYSTERICAL.

Bo is dumber than a box of rocks. Daisy is smarter and tougher than i remember, and Luke is strangely hotter. Im slighter disturbed by this.

I so need to own these.

Season one of this show was actually filmed in Conyers and Covington, Georgia, which is close to Monticello, Georgia, my mom’s hometown.

And this, from the very first episode is wonderful..

Bo: You know, Daisy, if you werent my cousin, I’d marry you.
Daisy: Never stopped anyone in this family before!


ETA: I also have a signed, personalized photo signed by Boss Hogg himself. I love my mom for that. Really. Its up on my wall in my office right now.


Posted by on Wednesday, 8 December, 2004

Spoilers for “Even Cowboys Have Daddy Issues” under the cut.

Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by on Friday, 3 December, 2004

jeeze, its been a while since i updated. sorry about that, busy time.

well, thanksgiving was survived..barely. i had not even managed to get myself to denver before brandus called with the latest news report on Fights. thats right, ladies and gentlemen, there was a family fight between brandus and his dad. this isnt a surprise, naturally, but it does make for a tense thanksgiving.

and then brandus told his dad we were going to georgia for christmas, and dad threatened to die so this would be the last holiday we spend together.

SO NOT KIDDING. *headdesk*

Dude, LOST! sorry, i havent reported earlier, but i went home SICK yesterday and am not fully recovered. matter of fact, the only reason i am at school today is because we have a big field trip planned, and i didnt want to have to cancel it.

ok, so Lost?

I’LL BE YOUR FRIEND, CHARLIE!! I will! ask me to be your friend!

seriously, how cute was charlie this ep? with the “ill take care of you’s,” and the “WE could be friends,” and the “if i can kick drugs i can deliver a baby!”

and i will now be counting in Sugarplum fairies from now on. *huggles Charlie*

and dude, EdR has a set of LUNGS on her. i dont think we ever heard her scream on Roswell, but man, can she scream.

as always, there will be more fandom giddiness over in the lj, once i get myself under control and feeling good enough to post all the squee.

in happy news, krispy has never yet seen the show, and already i have her shipping Charlie and Claire. Yay!

so, is the baby the devil? discuss.

Stupid Fat Hobbitses

Posted by on Wednesday, 27 October, 2004

Hobbit! Hobbits are real!!!!



and dude, how cute was Charlie on Lost tonight? i just want to squish him all over!

*squees in happy over HOBBITS! and CHARLIE!*

Evil Spreads

Posted by on Sunday, 3 October, 2004

So, my best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world, shan, has gotten herself a livejournal. i wont link directly to it, as i dont know if she would care, but i am SO AMUSED.

she wants to write fanfiction. she has spent the last four hours today reading gilmore girls and alias fanfiction. her soul will soon be eaten, and she will never be the same EVER AGAIN.

i think i am doomed to drag people into fandom. years ago, i used to get mocked by both sisters for watching Buffy and Angel and Roswell. Natalie looooooves Buffy. she used to check the spoiler boards and twop and such. no clue about the fanfic part. melisa loves buffy for Willow and Tara in particular, and i know she reads fanfic.

so am i responsible for this? not really, as i wouldnt dance around singing “hey, watch buffy!” or anything, but i would like to think i had a hand in it.

so now Shan is going to write fanfic. hee! *giggles gleefully*

Filch is Kicking My Ass

Posted by on Monday, 29 March, 2004

I love my gamecube. i really do. its fun.

i love the Harry Potter games. no, really, shut up, i do. i played Chamber of Secrets, like, 3 times, all the way through. cause its fun. and because i got obsessed about getting all 101 wizard cards.

currently, im playing Sorceror’s Stone. i played it on the computer, and got all the way to the end, but then couldnt kill Voldimort, got frustrated, and gave up. so it gets redesigned, rereleased for gamecube and playstation. and its lots of fun. im obsessivly finding wizard cards again, as well as realizing that Fred and George arent really selling anything interesting this game.

so why. dear god, WHY, must the hardest part of either game be getting in and out of the stupid restricted section of the library? in Chamber, it took me two days to finally get in and out. getting past the prefects is such a pain! and then the climbing. and the getting hit by books and then the falling. gah!

i figured Sorceror’s Stone would be easier. HA! It took me an hour to sneak in, because even with the invisibility cloak, i kept getting caught. and then the climbing. and the attacking books, and the falling. and now? now i cant sneak back out of the restricted section. ive been caught 7 times already.


Lost Babble

Posted by on Wednesday, 3 March, 2004

its a very boring day.

avoidance of any actual teaching..not that my kids noticed, as most were avoiding class today, lots of papers to grade, lots of IEPs to finish..not that i did.

been contemplating fandoms some more. i think its weird how people get involved in some shows but not in others. for example, i watch Angel, but rarely read fic..unless it has Spike in it, of course. i watch Gilmore Girls, comment at TWoP on occasion, read fic, make icons, etc..Joan of Arcadia too..

so why some shows/movies and not others?

i am a RABID Matrix fan. its one of my favorite movies. but i avoid the fic, the fansites, etc. but its not because i dont like the movie.


any ideas?

Pancakes and Pain

Posted by on Wednesday, 25 February, 2004

Im taking “I love you like pancakes”.

damn you Joss! damn you! i dont even care about Fred and Wesley. i dont! you shove me into Fred’s sudden realization of feelings for him, give us one episode leading up to it, then attempt to destroy us with their love.

and so help me, you actually made it work.

i dont even care about them as a couple. as individuals, sure. but a couple? oh please. but you made me sniffle over something i would rather ignore, and i will not forgive you easily for that.

however, your Spike? heart.breaking. please pay James more. and tell him to stop by my house sometime. but how quickly he leapt to Fred’s defense and in the comforting? i loved, “let them send an army,” when somebody said that somebody would be sent to stop them.

and personally? im so glad Knoxy was proven evil. and that little smirk? simultainous sex and evil.

i shall miss fred and her odd way of talking, as well as her lovelyness. but i have faith in you, Joss, i know you will not let us down with this weird “girl is taken over by evil” plot..even though it sounds familar somehow..and i know you will give angel the proper send off it deserves..and not some one hour that ties up all the ends but doesnt answer any questions and collapses all of Sunnydale..wait, sorry, wrong show.

And, i truely hope that Angel and Lindsey can have their one passion filled night before Angel goes off the air. cause they have been in lust/love for years, and deserve more than a token goodbye. oh, and bring Cordy in on it to, if possible?



Posted by on Monday, 23 February, 2004

So, while i was headed down to denver for the Roswell Season 1 Marathon krispy and i were doing, i started thinking of how i got involved in the whole roswellian fandom.

im moderately involved in several fandoms now, and was involved in a couple then. so why roswell?

it sure as hell wasnt the writing, cause after season 1, it was all downhill. it wasnt the main characters, cause by the end i was the founder and president of the “Max Must Die” club, and copresident of the “Liz is Evil” club. it had to have been the fandom.

i watched the first episode completely by accident..flipped past a channel with a girl writing in her journal..”5 days ago, i died. and then things got really weird.” and thought, “huh, that was kinda cool.”

i cant even remember what lead me to look online for information about roswell. i really cant. but i joined a list. sounds pretty innocent, right? but this list was the RoswellAfterCurfew list, and it had most of the greats in the fic world. Mnenosyne, Elizabeth, Courtney, Loki, Pilar, it any wonder i fell in love with the fic?

i regret to say that i wasnt one of the original “Grits and Ice Tea Girls”, but i was one of the “RAC Gutter Girls” on the same list. everyone chatted, there was lots of fic..and people kept mentioning Michael and Maria. as this was only about the 3rd or 4th episode, i vaguely remembered Maria as Liz’s kooky best friend, and Michael as the guy with the attitude. but there were stories and interpretations and i got caught up in it, and it was fun.

Hundreds of websites sprung up. dedicated to Liz and Max, Michael and Maria…not nearly enough dedicated to Alex. many, way too many have disappeared. but some of the greats are still there.
roswell underground is no longer updated, but its still there.
ficorama still has some of the best fic in the business

Then, the shipper wars think that there is sniping and backstabbing in other fandoms? dear jeebus, you havemt even gotten started. the Dreamers hated the Candies, the Candies hated the Dreamers, and everybody hated the Rebel Alliance. it was UGLY. Fanforum was probably the worst of it, and i advoided there as much as possible. I hung out in Egypt and Candy is Dandy and sometimes, when my friend buggs was around, hung out in the Insomniacs Thread at FanForum.

Slowly, as roswell hit season 3 and Maria’s character was destroyed (and Liz did her horrible granny panty tail shake. *shudder*), sites started disappearing, writers stopped writing, boards closed, the RAC list died. and it was sad.

roswellian fandom was a rush to be involved with. many people i met i still talk to. i met krispy somehow..i cant even remember how, i still sometimes talk to Reese, and buggs even less, but they are still on my AIM list. Kara of RoswellUnderground and i bond occansionally over our love for all things Irish, and EmilyFairy inherited most of my old My Little Pony collection.

the fandom still exists, but it is much diminished. Starstruck Art is no longer anywhere i can find. the roswellunderground/egypt board is nothing but archives now. mnemosyne hasnt had a new fic in ages. and the M&M Files, one of my favorite fic sites, closed down completely.

but we are still here, in pockets at the Candy is Dandy board, and, the Bordello of Fanfiction, and, at Mudpies, my own site.

am i crazy? yes. duh.

but ive never gotten into another fandom the way i did with roswell. and im involved in quite a few..harry potter, xmen movieverse, newsies, earth2, angel, buffy, gilmore girls, joan of arcadia..(although im really getting into joan lately), but they never pulled me in like roswell.

im teetering on the edge of doing my own rosfic rec every week or so..or maybe a site rec, but i dont even know if any roswellians come here with the exception of krispy. would anyone be interested? would anyone care?

Smile Time

Posted by on Wednesday, 18 February, 2004

That? Was fabulous.

as soon as i get screencaps for it, im making an icon of Puppet!Angel holding his nose with the caption “..And my nose comes off.” and i will post it EVERYWHERE.

is anyone else humming the self esteem song?


Posted by on Wednesday, 14 January, 2004

What the heck was that? i rolled my eyes, i groaned, i asked brandus to grab me a fork to stab myself in the eye.

who the hell wrote this episode? the dialogue was hideous. melodramatic!Wes has lost his whole world..seeing as he only got it 2 weeks ago, im not feeling the pain. hell, im not even feeling sympathetic. just exasperated.

the good? sure there is good..Spike saying something about going up in fire..”and i got better”..and all i could think of was monty python. i like harmony, damnit. shes funny. and Illyria? is massive cool. i even liked how she talked, and when she did the Fred impression was nifty. her confusion was a very nice touch..and it seems like shes not completely evil, which was completely a good thing. tired of pure evil. i like my evil conflicted, thanks.


sucked ass.

Chocolatly Goodness

Posted by on Thursday, 9 October, 2003


Can i say, right off hand, that Spike himself is sex incarnate?

ok, now that thats out of the way, this episode was…meh.

was that the longest “previously” in history or what? did we need to see the whole exposition Fred scene again? the one where she explains things to Wes or anyone else has been in a coma for the last season or 2. oops..sorry Cordy. nothing personal.

i still love that Spike went out laughing.

i love his snarks to Angel. Hee! The fact that Angel obviously didnt explain anything about Spike to the others, and how uncomfortable he was with Spike’s soul and, you know, his whole existance, was pretty good too.

The overall plot was pretty boring. the necromancer didnt scare me, or do anything except provide minor annoyance and a rather obvious way to show that Spike is still on the side of good, or whatever side he is on.

Harmony cracks me up. really badly. i might have to take “preaching to the horse’s mouth” and run with it. hee.

Spike and Angel’s arguement over fairness was awesome. Angel’s pissy cause he didnt ask for a soul? huh. sounds like he is still not thrilled he got stuck with it. but the fact that hes mad cause he spent 100 years eating rats, and Spike only spent 3 weeks crazy in the basement cracked me up.

Spike’s body language was super weird this ep, anyone else notice? he kept his coat wrapped around him pretty tightly most of the time. and the dubbing was horrid, Spike’s accent sounded weird, too, but im not sure if thats a result of the dubbing or not.

the spoon scene was pretty a really dumb way. Spike’s reaction of “A Spoon?!” made it funny though.

Spike’s conversation with Fred was really awesome. especially following the ends of “Spike doesnt like to share.” the “help me” at the end rocked my world. the hero going to hell.

well, we’re going to have to wait and see how this season goes. im feeling mildly optimistic for it.

OMG, Crank Yankers is the worst show in the world!! I cant even look at the tv right now..and im trying really hard not to listen, as a women called tech support, and is currently masterbating to him describing megabites and a drives. i am cringing. And i just pissed Brandus off by telling him i couldnt watch it..i even offered to go upstairs while he finished watching it. he got pissy, tossed the remote, and went out to get a slurpee. he even watches my “stupid shows” with me. gee. how generous.

To Sacrifice a Friend or Relative…

Posted by on Thursday, 2 October, 2003

Angel season premiere last night!

Harmony makes me laugh
“To sacrifice a goat, press 1″
Angel’s little happy car dance
the return of HoYay*
“Blondie Bear?”

Angel’s new hair – gag
military boys
no more Cordy *sniff*
5 seconds of Spike
Did you know W&H are evil?
Eve and her stupid apple

*HoYay! – short for
HomoeroticismYay!-the “tiny fairy” line and the best.line.ever. are good examples

and, of course, in the love pile, and currently listed under best.line.ever.

Angel: “I have no problem spanking men.”