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“Please don’t call me him.”

I was joking around. I teasingly said something about Voldemort to the dog, and didn’t even realize until V looked up at me with those big eyes and firmly said, “Please don’t call me ‘him.’” I had slipped up without … Continue reading

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Single Parent Panic

This will be Voldemort and I’s first Christmas without V’s dad. I was doing fine with this idea – we have plans to go out of town to visit my sister and her family so it wouldn’t be too weird … Continue reading

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How It Breaks

I’ve been pretty quiet about the whole divorce situation on here, and part of it is because there is so much in my head that it’s hard to put it down onto paper. And it’s still not easy to talk … Continue reading

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To DONE List

Today, things were accomplished! Not any cleaning, because let’s be honest, that is to be saved for Wednesday, hours before my parents arrive, when I’m running around in circles wondering if the trash can is clean enough* and if Voldemort … Continue reading

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The Most Important Meal of the Day

In this house at this very moment, we have waffles in the freezer, muffins on the counter, and cereal on the shelves. I point this out for a specific reason. To show you that we do, in fact, have breakfast … Continue reading

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