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Day 1/Day 3

Day 1 of Second Grade: Day 3 of Second Grade: *sigh*

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Things I Know

1. If I owe you money and you don’t want paypal, you will most likely never get your money, even if I know I wrote a check and put it in an envelope AND put it in the mailbox. What … Continue reading

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Alaska boy, I can’t believe you’re six. Your first day on Earth, I was terrified. I was in charge of something ALIVE that couldn’t take care of itself at all. You got bigger, a little at a time. And one … Continue reading

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Right and Wrong

On Wednesday, I woke up at my usual hour of oh-god-no, looked at the husband and said, “I’m not going to work today.” “And why not?” he asked, which was a totally fair question. “Don’t wanna.” And I flounced downstairs … Continue reading

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How to Blow the Mind of a Three Year Old

In the middle of a meltdown – one concerning getting a “special treat” from school, which he did not get due to living up to his nickname – inform child you have something very special for him. Reach out and … Continue reading

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