Square Feet

I am perusing through Square Foot Gardening on Google Books, because 1) i would really like to actually have a garden, even though i have killed many plants in my past, and 2) the library doesnt have it, and 3) im cheap.

This guy might have some good ideas, but WOW does he come off as a dick. You would think he had invented vegetables from how he talks – how wonderful it will be when Square Foot Gardening has spread throughout the entire world, bringing people food and more money and how connected families will be – “the woman of the family is our primary target for this project, as she is most concerned about the children’s nutrition.”

I just..I kind of want to hit him in the face and plant in traditional rows JUST TO SPITE HIM. I wont, because we have no yard, so it’s not like I can. Unless someone knows of a way to plant things into the rocks lining the driveway.

Instead of being a really cool introduction to a really cool way of gardening, it’s trying to SELL it to you. Which I guess makes sense, because you can buy grids and videos and books and all his other crap on his web site, but COME ON. Could you be a little less condescending* and sound a little less like an infomercial**?

That said, it does sound like a cool system. Anyone tried it, or any other version of gardening? Im a novice here, with the exception of the tomato plant I killed last year.

*totally mistyped as “condensing.” It might be difficult for him to be less condensing, but I wouldnt know
**I love infomercials above many things. I can watch the Magic Bullet infomercial OVER and OVER

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3 Responses to Square Feet

  1. natalie says:

    Don’t you want to buy all of the charts and graphs and grids that he’s selling? They’re the BEST. Call 1-800-SUCKA to purchase today!

    Square foot gardening sounds like a great idea, especially in small spaces. I guess it’s basically what we do, just without putting that name to it. Start with tomatoes and basil and go easy from there. We ended up growing some butternut squash that volunteered from our compost – awesome!

  2. Skye says:

    “Your gardening philosphy is decent, but I want to hit your personality in the face with a brick.”

  3. Louise says:

    I have a regular garden, because I’m lucky enough to have a big backyard, but I’ve been wondering if I should switch up to raised beds, because last year my turnips were puny and awful. My friends did the square foot thing, and it worked well for them, because they have no yard really. They do have a giant patio in back of their house so they put some boxes of dirt back there and planted all kinds of stuff. Since they used all kinds of dirt they bought at the store, THEIR turnips were awesome.