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A Fuck Up of Epic Slither

As I pulled my car in front of the house, Brandus sat on the tailgate of his truck, swinging his legs and talking to the guys across the street, who were throwing around a football. Voldemort and the dog ran … Continue reading

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Up to Date

I’m attempting to pick a new theme. Expect weirdness for the next few days until I get all bugs worked out and thoroughly squashed. Comments and suggestions helpful.

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The Living is Easy

Blogher is next week!!! I had such an awesome time last year, and I am so excited to go again. Of course, it took some digging to find my cards that I got from moo last year, only to … Continue reading

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It is Spring Break. I have accomplished…both nothing and many things, bizarrely. Brandus and I saw Divergent, which I enjoyed but wouldn’t write home about..or bother reviewing. I love a good dystopian movie, basically, but this felt too simplified in … Continue reading

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With My Mouth Shut

I feel…wordless. Which is strange, because Percocet usually makes me chatty, and wow, am I on a lot of Percocet. And antibiotics. And..some other thing or two that I can’t remember, which is probably also due to the Percocet. See, … Continue reading

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