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What I Will Do Tomorrow

I have big plans for tomorrow, to be carried out after dropping Voldemort at school. They include! -rummaging through the lost and found at the Dark Lordling’s school, as a jacket was lost. I don’t particularly care about the jacket … Continue reading

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Comfort Movies

I have to ask; what do other people watch for comfort movies? I’m not talking about movies when you want to cry or kick things, I mean, movies that you’ll put on whenever – when you need something on in … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo Wrapped Up

I was so incredibly proud of myself for posting everyday..and then day 29 hit and I was planning a wrap up post and a celebration, and then I forgot, swore at myself, and sulked for two days. But hey! Posting … Continue reading

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The house is cleanish, the parents have arrived, and we have cooked cornbread for stuffing tomorrow and gone to the store. And yet, we’re all wiped out exhausted. They have an excuse with the whole travel thing, but I’m so … Continue reading

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Grocery List

I didn’t realize how bad it was until today. When I realized that not only were we out of regular milk and almond milk, but we were also out of apples, oranges, grapes, sandwich bread, cereal, and cookies. Normally, I … Continue reading

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