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Things That Have Annoyed Me Today

– the fact that it persistently refused to be Sunday when it was time to get up – the inability for parents at my school to drop off their children in the right place, where I do not have to … Continue reading

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(Not Quite) A Feminism Friday

Yesterday, the kid thrust a $2 off coupon for Kids Nite Out at the Rec center at me when we were on the way home. “Can I go?” As in, that night. In an hour. And we haven’t eaten dinner.. … Continue reading

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My grandfather is 98 years old. My father is 70 years old. My grandfather is stubborn and short tempered and mean, as he’s always been. Slower, skinnier, no longer living at home, declining, but still kicking. My father is losing … Continue reading

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What I Will Do Tomorrow

I have big plans for tomorrow, to be carried out after dropping Voldemort at school. They include! -rummaging through the lost and found at the Dark Lordling’s school, as a jacket was lost. I don’t particularly care about the jacket … Continue reading

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Comfort Movies

I have to ask; what do other people watch for comfort movies? I’m not talking about movies when you want to cry or kick things, I mean, movies that you’ll put on whenever – when you need something on in … Continue reading

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