Hmm. Fishy looking theme, here, don’t you think?

Ive redesigned a bit..mainly because i decided to sell out to BlogHer Ads, because everyone else is doing it! My mother would be so proud*.

anyway, there’s a fish. i kinda like him. For reasons I refuse to explain, I shall call him Momo.

Of course, this update didnt occur without mishaps. after all, it’s ME.

so, i got two new themes uploaded to play around with, got this one all set, got the widgets set up and handled the blogher codes and stuff..and then promptly deleted Momo and all his code. the entire theme! gone in a splash flash!


however, after some swearing, flailing, and general mayhem, Momo has returned. and he brought all his widgets with him.

hooray for Momo!

let me know what you think, hey?

however, heck if i can remember what code to add to my php to add more space between paragraphs. *prods code* fix yourself, dammit!

*No, REALLY. As a kid, I made my mother CRAZY because i didnt care what the other girls did or wore. Im fairly sure at one point we had the “if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” only in reverse.

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3 Responses to Updateful!

  1. shannon says:

    I like the colors, is pretty. But the first thing I thought of as I read about momo was Pike. Why do I associate him with fish?

  2. Melisa says:

    HA! Pike and fish! Because of the fish rule of course!

    Al, the site, tis pretty. And as long as your ad people only advertise things I agree with, then I think its great!

  3. racher says:

    I like it very a lot. It suits you, I think. Also, great tag line.
    What does it mean that my blog has a plus sign next to it? That I am SUPER AWESOME? I thought so.