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Posted by on Thursday, 17 April, 2008

Hmm. Fishy looking theme, here, don’t you think?

Ive redesigned a bit..mainly because i decided to sell out to BlogHer Ads, because everyone else is doing it! My mother would be so proud*.

anyway, there’s a fish. i kinda like him. For reasons I refuse to explain, I shall call him Momo.

Of course, this update didnt occur without mishaps. after all, it’s ME.

so, i got two new themes uploaded to play around with, got this one all set, got the widgets set up and handled the blogher codes and stuff..and then promptly deleted Momo and all his code. the entire theme! gone in a splash flash!


however, after some swearing, flailing, and general mayhem, Momo has returned. and he brought all his widgets with him.

hooray for Momo!

let me know what you think, hey?

however, heck if i can remember what code to add to my php to add more space between paragraphs. *prods code* fix yourself, dammit!

*No, REALLY. As a kid, I made my mother CRAZY because i didnt care what the other girls did or wore. Im fairly sure at one point we had the “if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” only in reverse.


Posted by on Saturday, 22 September, 2007

Im attempting a new style. Still not completely sold on it, but i think its kinda nifty.

Its Crop Circles, and I think it needs a couple of aliens.

Let me know if anything looks wonky to you.

Not Funny, or a Cannibal

Posted by on Saturday, 22 September, 2007

Im testing a new code thing. Let’s see if it works. It SHOULD make it insanely easy to link directly to specific things, without me having to remember my associates id and long insane annoying link.

Let’s about we try it with Chuck. Chuck is a new show starring the awesome Adam Baldwin (Yay!). You can download the pilot episode for FREE from unBox.

Ive already watched the pilot, and Im willing to say that its probably going to shoot up to the top of my favorite list.

Well, “top” meaning right after Firefly.

High Voltage

Posted by on Friday, 10 February, 2006

Long time, no update. sorry.

but ive been busy. like, really busy. like, quitting my job, finding a new job, hopelessly interviewing for library positions kind of busy.

not to mention doing taxes and weeping over the lack of money in our lives.

however, you might (or might not, really. probably not) have noticed that some links have gone missing. they’ve been removed. i got an email from my host, and the spiral is pulling an unusual amout of their services, and damn me to hell anyway.

actually, no, just pulling high usage of services, and fix it, dammit.

sadly, i have no idea how.

Please note that the above mentioned resource usage is due to PHP processing. Since we do not have the exact scripts to provide (since the manner in which PHP scripts are provided on the server only shows the username and not the script name causing the high usage), you would need to review your account for scripts that may be the cause. Please check scripts such as forums, blogs, content management systems, and galleries as these are especially likely to create high usage.

i have no idea what that MEANS. so, if any of you cool people do, and how to fix it, help would be awesome.

im working some with the tech people, but they can only help me so much, due to not wanting to go through every single script.

basically, i just need to know what to look for in my scripts, and what to change things to.

regardless, if i dont get this fixed soonish, the spiral might be down for a few days until i can get it figured out.



Posted by on Monday, 7 February, 2005

Hey folks, I added a few new spam fighting things to help combat the insane amounts of comment spam ive been getting lately.

So, if you attempt to comment and CANT, please let me know, so i can fix it. I dont want real comments getting lost in cyberspace, just the spam.

also, have completely redone my Fiction page, so it is now shiny and very easy to update. as of right now, there are 37 stories up there in seven or so different fandoms. even cooler? you can review fics! just by hitting a button!

SQL and phpMyAdmin

Posted by on Saturday, 23 October, 2004

So, i was looking through my various programs to see what i could delete, as i am getting dangerously low on hard drive space, and will not replace Humphrey until i am out of credit card debt, and GUESS WHAT I FOUND?

evidently, several months ago, when i was first looking at installing wordpress (i failed miserably that time, but i didnt wipe the datebase), i dumped my entire sql database and saved it to My Downloads. as i dont USE My Downloads folder very often, i had completely forgotten about it.

this means, that i will be able to recreate the majority of the old posts and comments from the beginning, minus a few months after the dump.

however, im scared to upload it back up.

i have the database dump. so, if i reupload it, will it overwrite EVERYTHING currently in the database? will it just overwrite the tables that have the same name? cause that would be not using those tables at the moment.

help! anybody know what will happen if i reupload? im scared that it will wipe the current stuff on there, which means i would no longer have wordpress, which means i would probably end up wiping the damn thing anyway trying to get wordpress reinstalled.

gah. these are the days i wish i was a bigger geek than i already am. so i would know how to DO this stuff!


Posted by on Sunday, 3 October, 2004

i finally figured out how to use a style switcher, which means the spiral looks nothing like it used currently using some of the templates from alex king’s style compitetion, but i plan on making my own. also need to add the stuff that used to be on the sidebar to the menu. does it look ok to everyone? it should cookie-check your skin preference, but im not positive on that. more changes throughout the day! WHOO!

CSS is the Devil

Posted by on Friday, 1 October, 2004

ive been messing with the css code for a while now. i got very annoyed when the spiral would should up fine in IE, but look all kinds of wonky in Netscape. usually, its the other way around…so finally FINALLY, i noticed i was missing a } at the end of a part of the code.


so back to more interesting things.

on the spiral, i have lj icons over here. now, at the top, it says to use them however you want, but to save them to your own server in order to use them. why? because 1)its polite and 2) linking directly to it (meaning using html and using an image tag < img src =" > )uses my bandwidth. everytime that pic has to load (especially in popular places, like a board), it forces more of my resources to work on loading it. now, when im the person using it, i dont care. but when someone else does it, its rude and it costs me money, as i have to pay for additional bandwidth.

so yesterday, i checked my stats, and noticed a few people were hotlinking. so i drop them an email to ask them to either A) save it and upload it to somewhere like photobucket or B) take it down.

one person responds positivly. “Oh sorry! Im saving it right now!”

one person is a pain in the ass. and possibly a seven year old. direct quote: im sry alia i can upgrade stuff im really sry u have aol i do?

i email back and ask them again to remove or upload.
i dont want to ok thats it

i email again and explain that due to their refusel, i am turing on my hotlinking protection, which will prevent them from using it. it just wont show up when they try to link it like that. i still can, but they cant.

you bitch ill get it back from someone nicer and BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


also, am in love with wordpress admin page. *swoon* so so pretty and functional!


Posted by on Friday, 1 October, 2004

am having template issues again..damn wordpress and their better-ness over b2!

just when i get the darn thing the way i want it!

how does it look to you guys? at the moment, all the posts are about an inch wide and run straight down. i know for a fact its a issue with my .storycontent, but i cant figure out how to edit it to make it cooperate.

also, i need to recreate my catagories. gah. such a pain!

ETA: well, that worked..for me at least. now i have happy boxes again. yay! what does it look like to you?