Feeling Old and Achy

Should I already be starting to fall apart? Physically, I mean. I’m pretty sure I fall apart emotionally on a fairly regular basis.

But should both feet hurt with what I suspect is planter faciitious? Should I be hobbling around with the pain in my feet AND my shoulder being jacked up and having hurt for months even after some physical therapy AND my hands aching to the point I’m scared it’s arthritis? And none of this even mentions the pain in my literal butt that has resulted in me googling things like, “one side of my butt help?”

I’M ONLY THIRTY SEVEN. Somehow I had the assumption that my body wasn’t due to start giving up and throwing in the towel until I hit forty. But here I am. With a ridiculous amounts of body pain, and a terrible tendency to try to diagnose myself on google.

Thirty seven!

When I came home today, I iced my feet, for fuck’s sake.

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