High Voltage

Long time, no update. sorry.

but ive been busy. like, really busy. like, quitting my job, finding a new job, hopelessly interviewing for library positions kind of busy.

not to mention doing taxes and weeping over the lack of money in our lives.

however, you might (or might not, really. probably not) have noticed that some links have gone missing. they’ve been removed. i got an email from my host, and the spiral is pulling an unusual amout of their services, and damn me to hell anyway.

actually, no, just pulling high usage of services, and fix it, dammit.

sadly, i have no idea how.

Please note that the above mentioned resource usage is due to PHP processing. Since we do not have the exact scripts to provide (since the manner in which PHP scripts are provided on the server only shows the username and not the script name causing the high usage), you would need to review your account for scripts that may be the cause. Please check scripts such as forums, blogs, content management systems, and galleries as these are especially likely to create high usage.

i have no idea what that MEANS. so, if any of you cool people do, and how to fix it, help would be awesome.

im working some with the tech people, but they can only help me so much, due to not wanting to go through every single script.

basically, i just need to know what to look for in my scripts, and what to change things to.

regardless, if i dont get this fixed soonish, the spiral might be down for a few days until i can get it figured out.


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One Response to High Voltage

  1. shan says:

    so excited!!! you finally updated! TWICE