Evil Spreads

So, my best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world, shan, has gotten herself a livejournal. i wont link directly to it, as i dont know if she would care, but i am SO AMUSED.

she wants to write fanfiction. she has spent the last four hours today reading gilmore girls and alias fanfiction. her soul will soon be eaten, and she will never be the same EVER AGAIN.

i think i am doomed to drag people into fandom. years ago, i used to get mocked by both sisters for watching Buffy and Angel and Roswell. Natalie looooooves Buffy. she used to check the spoiler boards and twop and such. no clue about the fanfic part. melisa loves buffy for Willow and Tara in particular, and i know she reads fanfic.

so am i responsible for this? not really, as i wouldnt dance around singing “hey, watch buffy!” or anything, but i would like to think i had a hand in it.

so now Shan is going to write fanfic. hee! *giggles gleefully*

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2 Responses to Evil Spreads

  1. shan says:

    thanks for not posting me, i realllllllllllly appreciate it! not ready for the advertising.
    thanks though. nifty spiral. doing wierd things with the comments though… i got
    what looked like a word page with lots of mumbo jumbo at first. but nifty anyway!

  2. natalie says:

    I know this hurts you, but I haaaaaaate fanfic. I loves the television, though, and I love speculating about what might have been. But really, why not create your own characters and make them live rather than extending the characters of other authors? I’m sure I’m going to get hit by the facfic police for writing this, but that’s the essence of how I feel about it. Sorry.