Y’all, seriously, my kid is FIVE. How the heck did that happen? Yesterday, he was a toddler with a pancake on his head, and today he is FIVE.

My parents came up and a party was had. A grand total of 3 out of 12 kids showed up, but we expected very few, because people out here don’t seem to GO to kid’s birthday parties or even bother to RSVP. Not that I’m bitter. But he had a blast with the kids who did come, and had a great time suckering his grandparents into doing stuff for him that Brandus and I refuse to do – like read 8 books in a row or walk up and down the stairs forty-eleven times.

And he did get a present. We got him a fish tank. Which he ADORES, and he loves his fish, and it is so much of a better gift than yet another giant piece of plastic crap toy to take over his room.

At least, I thought so. But then yesterday, when I was teaching him how to feed the fish and going over the rules (1. Dont touch the fish. 2) Hands out of the tank. 3) Just a pinch of food), we had to add a new rule.

4. After the fish die, we do NOT cook them and eat them.

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One Response to FIVE

  1. RobMonroe says:

    Happy Birthday to Voldemort!

    Not surprised you had to make that last rule – and I’m glad you told me about it now because I was thinking about the same gift for Abby’s 5th birthday coming up… 🙂