I Hope She Punches Him in the Face

I’ve gone to two movies this weekend, and frankly, I barely remember enough about them to share. Even though I really wanted to do a Heroine Content review of Lockout – which is a movie about explosions, jail breaks, and snarky heroes – all in space. There were some goods and some bads and a whoooole heck of a lot of bad science. Hint: YOU CANNOT JUMP “DOWN” INTO A SPACE STATION WHILE IN ZERO G. THERE IS NO DOWN. And also, it was ALMOST a complete Bechdel fail, regardless of how much I liked Maggie Smith’s character, Emilie.

I took myself to see Mirror, Mirror too, which was cute and left me grinning in several places. In the beginning, Julia Roberts’ evil queen is introducing the characters, and when she talks about the parents naming the princess “Snow White,” she says something about it being the most pretentious name they could think of, and I had to snort into my popcorn. It did turn the Snow White fairy tale on its head a little bit, but I wanted it to go farther. I wanted her to like the prince but fall for one of the dwarves, for example. Chuck had an amazing smile, Half Pint had a total crush on Snow, and even Butcher showed her a soft spot or two. But it’s been pointed out to me that I’m weird, so. In good news, Bechdal PASS in multiple ways!

I will try and type up some of what I enjoyed and what I found problematic about Lockout. And why so little of it made any sense, but I didn’t care because explosions! in! space!

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