A List, Pretending to Be an Actual Post

Places I want to go:
The Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama, to buy back to 800 books I’ve left behind on planes.

Things I Need to Deal With:
-The bird behind the dryer before the cats manage to actually catch it
Bird successfully dealt with. Although now we need new tubing for the dryer vent. Unsure whether torn by cats or bird.

Things That Are Awesome:
-Baby Max being born to Rachel and L of Yestertime. He’s gorgeous!

-A complete list of what Pinky is pondering from Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain.

Personal favorite: “Me and Pippi Longstocking? What would the children look like?”

-Mini Warblers from Japan! I AM DEAD FROM CUTE.


Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold being announced. WE’RE GETTING AN IVAN BOOK! Bad news: It doesn’t come out until NOVEMBER. I shall weep.

-Felicia Day looks really hot and confuses my heterosexuality. And is a total geek, which is why I love her.

-Double stuff Oreos.

*Incidentally, when my parents were out visiting, politics unfortunately came up. We disagree, let’s leave it at that. My mother proceeded to inform me that a friend of a friend of a friend lived in DC and hung around the higher ups for some reason, and friend-of-friend-of-friend says no one likes the Obamas. They have no friends. And Michelle and Barack don’t spend any time together. 1) I doubt it. 2)Did she really think this non relevant information would trump all of the awesome? I don’t understand my parents.**

**They have THREE CHILDREN. All three children support Obama. And yet they still try to tell me why I’m wrong. Most of these reasons involve the fact they don’t like him.

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2 Responses to A List, Pretending to Be an Actual Post

  1. RobMonroe says:

    Wait, you are not a Conservative Republican? Mind=Blown. 🙂

    And holy crap – now I want to find Animaniacs on Netflix and watch start to finish. Today.

  2. Kara says:

    Pinky and the Brain will always be awesome (Troz!).

    My brother-in-law asked me what I thought of Ron Paul the other night. I told him I think I’m too much of a socialist to like his policies.

    My right-wing nutjob father raised two bleeding heart liberals. Everyone in our family but him voted for Obama (me, mom and Kristin and Tim). So, yeah. We don’t mention the p word when I’m home. It’s just better that way. I love the parents’ crazy.