Boys Don’t Make Passes..

I was forced to undergo a physical recently. And by forced, I mean, otherwise, I wouldn’t be allowed to have a job.

While there, the PA said, ‘Hmmmmm,’ when I revealed that it had been many many years since I last remembered doing a vision screening.

Oddly enough, I failed.

Well..not all of me. Just my left eye. The ingrate.

So, I spend the next three weeks awaiting time for my appointment at the eye place. Which promptly gets canceled the day before, and do I mind waiting another three weeks?

Yes, yes i do. So i call Walmart, and they say, ‘sure! come in two days from today!’

then they promptly say, wow, you have astigmatism in your left eye. Wonder why this never bothered you in the past? Have glasses!

I get a prescription, i examine frames and gag over price tags. I end up asking the woman behind the counter which one of three she likes better, because i am not good at making decisions about how i look in things.

I picked them up today, put them on and said to myself, “hey, these are pretty cute, and WOW! Everything is so clea-is that a wrinkle?

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6 Responses to Boys Don’t Make Passes..

  1. Emily says:


    Let’s be naughty librarians together, mkay?

  2. shan says:

    ha ha, I wasn’t the only one to jump to the librarian thing.

    and it is absolutely not a wrinkle!

  3. Kara says:

    Getting old sucks, doesn’t it?

    Still you look very sharp, like a bad-ass mama.

  4. RobMonroe says:

    Very cute glasses!

    It does intimidate me every time that I have to buy new glasses – the prices are so insane that you want to pick the perfect pair so that you don’t have to get new ones in a year. I’ve had a pretty big chip in one lens for months now…

  5. Kelly says:

    I like your glasses! They look great! And thanks for the reminder, I really need to get my eyes checked. I think it’s been at least 12 years or more.

  6. Barbara says:

    Hopefully the physical didn’t require any body-probing.

    The rest of the story gave me a chuckle – thanks!

    And you look good in those specs!