Oh, Den (Ok, den, der Ben)

Let’s play the movie quote game! Name that movie! For bonus points, give me character names, an essay on their beliefs on green living, and a recipe for your favorite dessert!

1. If you have an ass, I’ll kick it!

2. It’s a break-dancing stripper emergency!

3. “But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun.” “And his shenanigans are cruel and tragic.”

4. It’s evil. It’s diabolical. It’s lemon-scented. This Plan Z can’t possibly fail! Spongebob Squarepants, the Movie – guessed by Emily

I’ll give you a hint – all of these are things I would NEVER HAVE WATCHED. And then? I met Brandus. And he watches them over and over and over and then I find myself laughing and quoting and omgmylife, y’all. *facepalm*

The rest are just for fun.

5. It is not the spoon that bends. It is only yourself. The Matrix – guessed by Shan

6. We’re going to die and I’m wearing my mother’s underwear! Grease 2 – guessed by Mel

7. I think being a good father is keeping the mother happy so she doesn’t drive the kids crazy. Look Who’s Talking – guessed by Emily


9. You’re loose in the house all the time and I sleep just fine!

10. Right now, as we speak, your daughter has entered a hotbed of moral… turpentine.

Also, according to IMDB, “High School Musical” had the working title of “Grease 3.” MY BRAIN, IT BLEEDS.

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5 Responses to Oh, Den (Ok, den, der Ben)

  1. shannon says:


  2. shannon says:

    not neo, the kid! oops

  3. Emily says:

    #4 – Spongebob. All hail plankton! ALL HAIL PLANKTON!

    #7 – I’m pretty sure that’s Look Who’s Talking.

  4. Melisa says:

    #6 Grease Two Sharon.

  5. natalie says:

    #8 is either Steve Martin or Kevin Kline, but I think it’s Steve Martin – 3 Amigos, maybe?