How We Usually Spend Our Nights

*phone rings*

“You get it.”
“I’m not here.”
“It’s your parents.”


“It’s your sister.”
“It’s probably a student.”
“Maybe it’s the babysitter.”
“I bet it’s that guy who wants to borrow money from you.”
“I said no!”


“You said MAYBE. Which means, ask me again later.”
“I dont want to loan him money!”
“Then tell him NO.”


“Are you going to get that?”
“No, because it’s your parents. You get it.”



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3 Responses to How We Usually Spend Our Nights

  1. melisa says:

    So glad to hear that things haven’t changed.

  2. shannon says:

    LOL, that’s why your parents don’t know about the spiral. (your refers to alia and branflake, I bet you dodge both sets of parents)

  3. Rachel says:

    I notoriously don’t answer my cell phone.

    It’s the one aspect my family likes least about me.