Places and Faces

I dont talk about the bad stuff where we live all that often.

Part of it is because its “normal” for out here, partly because i dont like the startled looks people give us, or the lectures from my father.

Right now, the Dark Lord is snoozing beside me in his stroller. Im at work. He isnt at home with the babysitter, where he normally is.

The babysitter is in Anchorage, which we knew about. She’ll be gone for a week.

She missed a day last week, because she wanted to take him over to her house, which she has done in the past.

We said no. She decided to take the day off rather than walk back to the house, get her baby, and walk back.


2 days after she comes to us and tells us that her boyfriend hit her? That he kicked her out of the house, barefoot, in her pajamas, with her baby still sleeping inside Thanksgiving night? That he was drunk?

2 days after she asked us to take pictures of the scratches and bumps on her face, and the bruises on her wrists? after we offered her a place to stay?

She wants to take MY KID over to his house?


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2 Responses to Places and Faces

  1. shannon says:

    It is really crazy. I am still having a hard time reconciling that with normal in my head.

  2. melisa says:

    No lectures. I am sorry that normal there is so not. Its like interacting with kids again after working at NC for 5 yrs. . .Regardless, I am glad that the Dark Lord is with you and not at her house