Countdown to Drinks


finally! one of those damn countdown calenders that doesnt make me want to puke with the cutsey!

not that i drink margaritas, even when non-pregnant. but still, hee!

we did make it to Anchorage, 2 days later than planned, and had a very short, slightly stressful visit with brandus’s parents, during which nothing blew up and no major fights occured, so hey, score!

i did get two very gorgeous pieces of art from them for Christmas, and im thrilled with that. Of course, I couldnt ever think of anything for them to get me, and they wouldnt accept the normal, “pay off the credit card! pay off some of the car! give us grocery money!” which they NEVER accept, because “its not something fun.”

hell, it would be fun for ME, but oh well. very pretty art.

although, people? DONT talk to the belly instead of me, mmkay? And DONT, for heaven’s sake, ignore me, dont refer to me, and instead, just discuss “the baby” like i dont exist.

“Someone needs a new coat! We dont want the baby getting cold!”
“Wow, the baby really likes chocolate dipped strawberries!”


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2 Responses to Countdown to Drinks

  1. melisa says:

    I think your rainbow/fetus counter is creepy. The margarita part is funny though . . .

    Glad you are wearing a coat, don’t want the baby to get cold! Ha Ha Ha

  2. alianora says:

    it IS creepy. which is why i like it.