In The House

The new job, which i started about a month and a week ago, continues to make my brain melt.

im working in housing. apartments, leases, all that.

the first two weeks? it was great, fabulous, no problem. my boss was cool, the job wasnt too stressful or painful or even taxing.

and then?

my boss gets a new job. in another county.

so, im doing MY job, which i barely know how to do, and HER job, which i dont know how to do AT ALL.

and the office is a whole set of insanity.

the other day? my boss and i went to dairy queen. she said, “im going,” i said, “oh, me too,” and someone else said, “get me a sundae.”

so, we went.

at the end of the day, my boss got called down by the big boss.

“Next time you go to dairy queen, remember to invite everyone.”

yes. really.

one of the other coworkers WENT TO THE BOSS AND COMPLAINED. because we didnt ask her if she wanted ice cream.

Where the hell am i working?

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3 Responses to In The House

  1. natalie says:

    You are working in a crazy place. And the Brazier? I hope you at least got a curl-on-the-top!

  2. shan says:

    a nursery school???

  3. super crazy fan gurl says: