Pardon the Politics

i really need to stop writing about politics, as this is a personal, and not a political blog. that, and politics gives me hives.


i dont know how to feel just yet about the Iraq elections. ive heard odd things, like people’s food rations were to be cut if you didnt vote; and good things, like a large percentage of the population voting. all the newspapers are very “yay democracy!” and i just dont know..

i cant remember at this point how the guys running were picked. did we pick them? because that does not equal democracy. did we let the people pick? was it based on money, as it seems our elections are? (guy running has to have the moola to run the election, i mean, not that they are buying their way in).

im just..confused. and im concerned about what will happen now. i dont support the war, i never have. because i think our soldiers have no need to die for something that WASNT EVER THERE.

but, i did find a link to a State of the Union drinking game, which looks like fun. sadly, i do not drink of the alcohol, so i will be playing with dr pepper. which takes much of the fun out.

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2 Responses to Pardon the Politics

  1. dave says:

    right there with you.

    before the election, i heard lots about the fact that no candidates were willing to show there faces, to publish a platform, to… well… be candidates.

    after the election, all i hear is enthusiasm for the democratic process. i want to be delicate and diplomatic about this, but can’t help but ask what, besides ethnicity (voters knew which slates represented which groups) folks knew about those for whom they voted.

  2. natalie says:

    Arrrgh, the curse of the homonym done bite ye in the arse! Dave really meant to say “their faces” rather than “there faces.” Really. He meant that. ‘Cause he gon’ get hisself one ‘a them Ph.D.s ‘n shit.