In Which I Grovel

Sometimes..ok, often, i can be a ditz.

And this week, i have been uber ditzy.

When Brandus called me to tell me that he had gotten into his Post-Bach Elementary Ed program, I was having a bad day.

So instead of telling him I was proud of him, i told him, “I told you so,” came home, and grumped around for awhile.

And then i was tired, and then was Jesus, and then more grump.

So ive basically sucked. So here is my proclamation of my husband.

My very brilliant husband has been accepted into a program that is very difficult to get into. He was convinced he would not get in, based on GRE scores, as well as the fact he hadnt sent in all his letters of rec, as well as general fear of bad grades that haunted him one year in undergrad.

It didnt help that he was scheduled to retake the GRE on the Monday we headed back to Georgia for my grandmother’s funeral. The due date for it was the next day, so basically, he missed it.

And so he changed his major and started focusing on Counseling instead.

And then he gets a phone call from the head of the department, asking, “what, did you change your mind?”

They accepted him based on his enthusiasm and his willingness to pursue his goals no matter what.

And Im really proud of him.

Go shower him with congratulations in his email here.

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2 Responses to In Which I Grovel

  1. shan says:

    i did, said congratualtions and other things, he will either smile or bang his head against a wall. 🙂

  2. dave says:

    whoo! brandus!

    please pass along my humble suggestion that all letters of acceptance should be multiply photocopied and used as wallpaper.