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Living and teaching in Kotlik, Alaska

I Will Not Play Your Chinese Food Mind Games

There is no real content today. Today, silverspiral productions brings you an incomplete post that was written some time last year! While we were still in Alaska! And the baby was still breastfed! ———- I had plans. I had things … Continue reading

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One Fish, Two Fish

I tried to read What to Expect When You’re Expecting while I was pregnant. I got as far as being lectured about my diet, and how to “with every bite of food you take, ask yourself, is this the best … Continue reading

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So, not only has Pants succeeded in abandoning my cat to the wild, it has also killed my ferret. AWESOME. LOVE YOU TOO. a different family – a completely different family. a family that works for the school, and all … Continue reading

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Indoor Only

Im really struggling right now. when we left alaska, I made the very difficult decision to let a family who was very eager and, it seemed, loving, adopt my cat, Una. i made the decision because Una needed to be … Continue reading

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One Day More

Tomorrow, we will head to the post office. We will mail off many boxes. We will cancel our PO Box, forward our mail, give away anything extra we have. On Tuesday, we will pack anything left to pack, zip up … Continue reading

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