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101 Things to Do With Mini Toast

I would like to tell you that i have many many stories that i am just bursting to tell you about. and i probably do. but with the fact that second graders and lesson plans are blowing my brain cells, … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Muffin Man?

Here! Have some of the things that are wandering around my brain! -Bread! I made it! I finally found a decent sandwich loaf recipe! -Muffins! Have some! make these! I make them whole wheat and add chocolate chips. I also … Continue reading

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Long Time Whatever

Yeah, kinda dropped off the edge of the world. The reasons? Boring. So we shall skip them, and move to the point of today: BENTO. I collect lunchboxes – the fun fun ones with cartoon characters and made of METAL. … Continue reading

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My father wants me to call EVERY DAY to let them know how the baby is doing. Oh, but if im too busy, an EMAIL everyday would be fine. My mother decided we needed to have professional black and white … Continue reading

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Rather Be In Labor

This weekend was not the nice relaxing weekend I had expected. On Friday, Brandus and I were coming out to Anchorage to get me settled in until Lord Voldemort makes his appearance. That morning, a few hours before the plane … Continue reading

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