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Cheapskate Stocking Stuffers

I have a weakness for reading gift suggestion posts from all kinds of different blogs. I love the ideas, the things I may not have thought of that my kid (or one of my sisters) would love. Or alternately, lists … Continue reading

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Assortment of Chocolates

Oh, look, random links and comments! – I am sitting enjoying my very favorite of Christmas movies, which is, of course, Die Hard. I found myself getting entirely too thinky about how Holly and John split and why and how … Continue reading

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101 Things to Do With Mini Toast

I would like to tell you that i have many many stories that i am just bursting to tell you about. and i probably do. but with the fact that second graders and lesson plans are blowing my brain cells, … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Muffin Man?

Here! Have some of the things that are wandering around my brain! -Bread! I made it! I finally found a decent sandwich loaf recipe! -Muffins! Have some! make these! I make them whole wheat and add chocolate chips. I also … Continue reading

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Long Time Whatever

Yeah, kinda dropped off the edge of the world. The reasons? Boring. So we shall skip them, and move to the point of today: BENTO. I collect lunchboxes – the fun fun ones with cartoon characters and made of METAL. … Continue reading

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