Sugar Sugar

Brown Sugar Cupcakes and Peanut Butter Brown Sugar Frosting just sound AMAZING, don’t they?

Rich and decadent and drool worthy. I drooled over the recipe for a while. And so easy! Melted butter, eggs, brown sugar, milk..I have all these things!

And Voldemort decided to get in on the action by making brownies in the Magic Mixer doohickey that was a birthday gift. Family baking time!

I’m over here at the oven, grooving on melting butter and beating eggs and the kid is at the table, mis-measuring things and talking their way through the directions. All things going well.

Then the kid knocked over the tiny little brownie pan and batter went everywhere on the floor.

While I was helping deal with that and reassure the budding pastry chef that everyone makes a mess when they cook or bake, here’s what happened to MY goodies:


After some sulking, I scraped some of the cake-ish..stuff out into a bowl, thinking I could at least enjoy a little of it.

It tasted like baking soda.

Family Baking FAILS.

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2 Responses to Sugar Sugar

  1. Shan says:

    That’s why you NEEDED icing!

  2. Rob Monroe says:

    Been there, done that. If they are a little cooked that means the eggs are healthy again – hope you at it! 🙂