Pancakes and Pain

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Im taking “I love you like pancakes”.

damn you Joss! damn you! i dont even care about Fred and Wesley. i dont! you shove me into Fred’s sudden realization of feelings for him, give us one episode leading up to it, then attempt to destroy us with their love.

and so help me, you actually made it work.

i dont even care about them as a couple. as individuals, sure. but a couple? oh please. but you made me sniffle over something i would rather ignore, and i will not forgive you easily for that.

however, your Spike? heart.breaking. please pay James more. and tell him to stop by my house sometime. but how quickly he leapt to Fred’s defense and in the comforting? i loved, “let them send an army,” when somebody said that somebody would be sent to stop them.

and personally? im so glad Knoxy was proven evil. and that little smirk? simultainous sex and evil.

i shall miss fred and her odd way of talking, as well as her lovelyness. but i have faith in you, Joss, i know you will not let us down with this weird “girl is taken over by evil” plot..even though it sounds familar somehow..and i know you will give angel the proper send off it deserves..and not some one hour that ties up all the ends but doesnt answer any questions and collapses all of Sunnydale..wait, sorry, wrong show.

And, i truely hope that Angel and Lindsey can have their one passion filled night before Angel goes off the air. cause they have been in lust/love for years, and deserve more than a token goodbye. oh, and bring Cordy in on it to, if possible?


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