Filch is Kicking My Ass

I love my gamecube. i really do. its fun.

i love the Harry Potter games. no, really, shut up, i do. i played Chamber of Secrets, like, 3 times, all the way through. cause its fun. and because i got obsessed about getting all 101 wizard cards.

currently, im playing Sorceror’s Stone. i played it on the computer, and got all the way to the end, but then couldnt kill Voldimort, got frustrated, and gave up. so it gets redesigned, rereleased for gamecube and playstation. and its lots of fun. im obsessivly finding wizard cards again, as well as realizing that Fred and George arent really selling anything interesting this game.

so why. dear god, WHY, must the hardest part of either game be getting in and out of the stupid restricted section of the library? in Chamber, it took me two days to finally get in and out. getting past the prefects is such a pain! and then the climbing. and the getting hit by books and then the falling. gah!

i figured Sorceror’s Stone would be easier. HA! It took me an hour to sneak in, because even with the invisibility cloak, i kept getting caught. and then the climbing. and the attacking books, and the falling. and now? now i cant sneak back out of the restricted section. ive been caught 7 times already.


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One Response to Filch is Kicking My Ass

  1. billie rain says:

    hi! i rented chamber of secrets and am trying to get all the cards. do you remember where #86 is? i’m stuck! thanks.
    love billie