After several applications, 1 observation, and 3 interviews, I am successfully employed for next year! Doing exactly what I do now, in a school that has NORMAL SCHOOL HOURS THANK YOU OBI WAN KENOBI, and i won’t be extending my commute as it’s about the same distance away in a different part of the city. So, that’s helpful.

In other news, my father has had to rather abruptly retire, which is going to lead to some interesting adjustment pains, I’m sure. He’s been “on leave” from doctoring for a month (more, possibly, they didn’t tell us what was going on right away), due to having some odd spells of confusion – which isn’t a good thing when you are in charge of other people’s lives. After a host of random tests that included fun things like a lumbar puncture, they have determined that he’s got an early form of dementia. Which sucks, honestly.

They’re getting here this week to celebrate the Dark Lord’s sixth (SIX OMG) birthday. I’m tempted to buy Daddy a whole pile of crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

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2 Responses to Employment

  1. ladysaotome says:

    Congratulations & I’m so sorry! Will crossword puzzles/sudoku help at all? I’m sure he’ll enjoy them.

    My mom recently discovered NativeRemedies.com My brother has Aspergers and it’s been getting pretty bad. She talked him into trying their “Focus” 2 weeks ago & the difference has been astounding. I wonder if anything they have might help a little?

  2. Kara says:

    A: Congrats on the job! Hopefully it’ll cause you less stress. 🙁 *major hugs*

    B: He is NOT six years old. Stormageddon’s going to be six months in a week, and that freaks me out… (All hail the Dark Lord!)