On the Wing

With the Dark Lordling finally have taken a turn for the better (long story involving 3 doctor visits in less than a month and way too much missed school for all three of us), I find myself longing for Spring.

…Partially because he’s bouncing off the walls now that he’s better and outside doesn’t have walls, but it’s still currently too cold and there is too much snow for me to want to challenge his just recovered immune system with spending too much time outside.

But I want it. I want Spring and outside and green.

I want to plant daffodils and I want to poke around in my little raised garden and I want it to be WARM.

And I want grass.

No, not weed – grass. A lawn.

We’ve lived in our house for just over a year, and we still have nothing that is lawn-like. The grass was all dead when we moved in, and even though we’ve received strongly worded scolding letters from our HOA*, we have yet to do a darn thing to fix it. Partially because when we moved in, it was winter, and then in spring when we called and talked to places that help raise the dead, they said it was too late for seed and we’d have to buy sod and omg do you know how expensive that shit is?

So, our lawn remains as little more than dirt and some scraggly looking dandelions.

But at this point, I’ll even take the dandelions. At least they’re green and alive.

*Other strongly worded letters from the HOA have included our inability to put our trash cans inside the garage instead of the neatly garbage-can-shaped indent BESIDE the garage where it makes sense to put it, the fact we have a nearly dead plant in our yard, and the fact we should be shoveling the walkway no one walks on.

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One Response to On the Wing

  1. Natalie says:

    I just bought some grass seed to sprinkle around the many bare patches our ragamuffin has created from running around in the front yard. I’m told that the best time to seed is in the early autumn, after the scorching hot weather has passed, but I’ve got to at least try it now before the weeds take over. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Oh, and we have crocuses. Thank goodness! I’m about to start pulling out all the spring clothes because I am just SICK of wearing sweaters all the time!!