The Man Cave

I recently saw a list of crafts to make “For Men,” which included things like BBQ rub, beef jerky, and a canvas log carrier.

Clearly, all men like meat and build fires.

Which is ridiculous, because in my house, I’m the carnivore and the fire addict.

My problems with pinterest and stupid gender crap are getting more extreme, where I can no longer hold myself back and find myself leaving brightly phrased comments that I try to make sound non-sarcastic. Which is more difficult than you could possibly believe.

I have a particular problem with any pin that says anything stupid like: All girls need to read this! Every woman should pin this! Best books for boys!

I find myself having to step away and take deep breaths so I don’t lay out an entire feminist diatribe against the stupidity of this shit. But I can’t always resist. Which is why I have a board entitled Feminist, and another entitled Fuck Off, and sometimes THEY OVERLAP.

So stop talking crap about what “all girls” should do, or what “all boys” are like, and for fuck’s sake, STOP PISSING ME OFF WITH IT.

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One Response to The Man Cave

  1. Skye says:

    I hate the “books for boys” lists, because I so often find good books on them, and yet, I would want to read those books to my girl too if I had one! So I kind of feel like I’m supporting the bad construct by taking advantage of its resources.