March Madness

It started a few months ago, I think, although the memory is a little hazy.

A general email from Family Fun, a magazine I get, sent out to a billion people or some other ridiculous amount, asking for ideas for what we do with our kids for science.

I didn’t think anything of it, except that they were giving away a $100 gift card to a random survey respond-er, and at the time, $100 would have been AWESOME.

So I threw out the first idea I had – which is something we actually do – and promptly forgot all about it.

Until last month, when I got an email I thought was going to be the same thing – a general email from the magazine to a bunch of people, looking for responses. Instead, it started with DEAR ALIANORA, and expressed interest in possibly printing the idea – barring any other better ideas.

Um. Wow. Ok, sure. So, we exchanged a few emails, with them asking questions and me clarifying a few things.

And while I kind of thought, “Wow, this is kinda cool,” again, I didn’t think much about it, because what are the chances, right?

Yesterday, I got an email from a fact checker, and today, I got a contract in the mail.

Family Fun will be printing my idea and PAYING ME FOR IT.

The March issue should feature it, and I might pass out and die.

No, it’s not like I’m writing for the magazine, but it’s still pretty damn cool.

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2 Responses to March Madness

  1. RobMonroe says:

    Wow – that is really awesome! Congrats!

  2. ladysaotome says:

    That is too awesome! Very exciting! I’ll try to keep my eye out for it!!