I’ve been hovering on the edge of an anxiety attack all day, and I just want to know WHY my anxiety is so heavily tied to my job and dealing with administrators? I got an email this morning from another sped teacher asking if I would be willing to have a meeting with my vice principal AND my immediate director of sped involving a situation with another teacher and a student of mine.

I’m not in trouble. I KNOW i’m not in trouble, and yet, here I am, right on the edge.

Of course, everything that’s going on at home is not making anything any better, as Brandus is on edge and so sad and so stressed, and I’m sad and stressed that HE’S sad and stressed, and so we’re just…yeah.

Write wills, people. And don’t try to run away from creditors. There is no reason on this entire freaking EARTH that I should be having to cancel magazine subscriptions and who knows what else that are in the name of a DOG that died seven years ago. A DOG. Because they didn’t want to put their own name on things.

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  1. ladysaotome says:

    Hang in there! It’s tough but you’ll get through this!