A Study in Pink

My little boy – my lover of pink and Dora and fairies, has entered Kindergarten, where he is exposed to little boys who don’t play with Dora or fairies and think that pink is “for girls.”

My little boy looked at me this morning, where I was holding a pair of jeans and his favorite pink shirt, and said, “I don’t want to wear that to school.”

He wouldn’t tell me why, but I can guess. I can guess the same way I can guess why he told the teacher his favorite color is blue. I can guess the same way I can guess why he’s running around pretending to be a ninjago when he’s never shown any interest before.

Peer pressure is a weird thing, isn’t it? It only takes one comment from someone else before you never want to wear an outfit you were so proud of. It only takes one, “EW, PINK IS FOR GIRLS,” comment to make a little boy who loves pink stop admitting to it.

For now, I’m holding to the fact that my little boy still wears his pink shirt on the weekends, that he’s so excited to have a playdate with a little girl where they plan to watch the new Tinkerbelle movie, that while he looked a little sad about not wearing his pink shirt to school – he still smiled and told me that pink is still his favorite color. Just not in school.

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