Gimme Some Sugar, Baby

I am sitting here, slightly grumpily, with a cup of tea. The cup of tea, which is not nearly sweet enough.

I am trying to adjust to using less sugar in my tea – in Georgia, tea is not properly sweet until NO MORE SUGAR WILL DISSOLVE IN IT – but someone told me that’s bad for me. My teeth rotting, or sugar makes me hyper, or something equally stupid.

Nonetheless, I persist in attempting to curtail the sugar.

And when it’s iced tea, that’s ok. I can handle less sugar. There is ice to distract me, and fun cups, and Voldemort usually ends up drinking half of it. Which is why it’s mint and caffeine free.

But when I’m feeling yucky. When I’m starting to come down with something. When I just don’t feel good. I want hot, sweet, tea.

And my tea is getting to be lukewarm, because it’s not sweet enough for me to drink as quickly as I normally do, and I am pouting.

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One Response to Gimme Some Sugar, Baby

  1. LadySaotome says:

    Are you cutting back in increments? I am from the south, too, and have slowly cut myself back on the sugar, though I still have to have some. I found switching to honey helped a little. Now when I go back home to visit & have a sweet tea, I almost choke on the sweet so I figure that’s a good sign. 😉