How to Blow the Mind of a Three Year Old

In the middle of a meltdown – one concerning getting a “special treat” from school, which he did not get due to living up to his nickname – inform child you have something very special for him. Reach out and catch something out of the air and put it in his hand.

Spend entire ride home with child examining his cupped palm looking for the invisible ladybug.

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One Response to How to Blow the Mind of a Three Year Old

  1. Natalie says:

    Nice trick! The Critter has an imaginary “little duckie” that he likes to cup in his hand, carry around with him, let you hold it (after carefully! letting the duckie walk from his hand to yours) and fill up the sink with water so that little duckie can splash in it. We’re going to need to introduce their imaginary animals to each other!