Hay-Barn-Apple Tree

When we moved from Alaska, I was hoping we were doing our last move. Less then 6 months later, I knew we weren’t. Brandus hates it here, which has more to do with the school district and the political crap in his school than with hating the actual physical place. Although, there are issues with the physical place as well.

We live on an island, and we love it. We’re only 2 blocks away from the beach or the sound. But the biggest city close to us is Jacksonville, and there is a very large Marine base there. Which means the majority of the people in our area are military – and by extension, the majority are..conservative.

Being conservative (in whatever way, political or whatever) isn’t a problem. What IS a problem is how brandus feels like he has to bite his tongue about his basic beliefs in school. Brandus isn’t Christian. He’s vegetarian. We’re liberal. This makes us very different from most people around here – and so he feels like he can’t even be himself or express himself to his co-workers.

Add to that the fact that, here, if a child, a third grade child, an EIGHT YEAR OLD, fails the end of year exams, they have failed the whole grade. An eight year old. Failing an entire grade the first year they even have to take a high stakes test. It’s ridiculous.

So, are we moving? Maybe. At this point, it’s all down to finances. To move to where we want (which is currently Washington state, where Brandus can work at a BIA school, and I can do..something. I don’t care what) will be very expensive. Like, several thousand. Like five thousand OR MORE. And that doesn’t include our basic costs for the summer.

I think we’ll just..throw all of our stuff away and hitchhike cross country. It would be cheaper, and it would expose Voldemort to a vast array of new and terrifying and dirty adventures!

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3 Responses to Hay-Barn-Apple Tree

  1. Kara says:

    One of the in-laws’ friends actually hitch-hiked across the US at the tender age of 20ish with a baby in tow. And this was 30-odd years ago. Kinda frightening, when I think about it… But it might make for some nice writing fodder. If it helps, it cost us about $2500 for the pods to move cross-country, and that’s with two of them.

  2. Natalie says:

    Have you ever read A Walk Across America? A man (and then later, his fiancee) decides to just walk and meet people and have adventures with his dog. Fun and inspirational reading, but it also happened in the late 60s/early 70s, so it would be hard to replicate. But great reading!

    On the where-to-live question, any smaller location is going to have many of the same issues that y’all face there, except for small towns with college campuses. If you move to a larger area, say, the DC metro area, that has small-town-feeling places with lots of diversity and many WONDERFUL features (and family), then you might find community more to your liking. Just sayin’.

  3. Melisa says:

    Um, I think Natalie needs to stop trying to talk you into moving there. Obviously, you’re going to move to Oak Park or Evanston IL so that you’ll be in a smaller awesome community that happens to be just outside of Chicago!