Bad Hat

Several years ago, pre wedding, even – when Brandus and I were sitting in a movie theater awaiting a movie, a preview came on.

One brief glimpse of a little hat blowing across a black screen had me digging my fingernails into Brandus’ arm and shrieking, “MADELINE!”

I dont remember what his reaction was, although I imagine it involved wincing and swearing and a look to tell me how insane I was. But, I was right. The little straw hat with the ribbon was advertising the movie Madeline, which was based on the book series, which I love very very much.

So, you can imagine my current joy when I go in to put Voldemort to bed last night and ask him what book he wants to read. He reaches up toward the book shelf we keep the destroyable books on, pulls out a book and says, Ma-line!

He points out the “bad man,” Madeline, Ms. Clavel, the little girls, the balloons, the crack on the ceiling that looks like a rabbit.

I am deeply deeply tempted to buy him this:

I think he’d love it.

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One Response to Bad Hat

  1. Kara says:

    You should buy it for him. And then you can rename him Pepito.

    Just as a note, though. Some parents don’t find it appropriate for you to explain what the guillotine was used for in the French Revolution, even though Pepito uses it on the dogs and cats in the neighborhood..