Crouching Buddha, Hidden Jesus

When my mom was here for Thanksgiving, she pulled out all of the presents she had for Voldemort for me to approve.

In that pile were two horrifying outfits, several toys, and a couple of cute books that she went into great length about.

You can imagine our surprise, then, when we opened our gifts the other day.

Interestingly, the books had MUTATED or SPAWNED or something to MAGICALLY include a book we had never seen before! It definitely wasn’t in the pile of things we had approved, and, seeing as the gifts had been left here, it’s not like she threw in something extra at the last minute.

No, staring up at us, with no way to explain how he had gotten there was: THE BABY JESUS, MY FIRST BIBLE STORIES.

Now, this might not sound like much to those of you who are Christian and religious, but frankly, my mother’s continued worry about my soul has been..tiring. And i know exactly why that book wasn’t in the approved pile.

Because she figured we wouldn’t approve it.

Which is dumb, frankly, because we plan to expose him to all manner of religions, and then he can make up his own dang mind.

So, just to make sure the Jesus book didn’t scar him, we taught him a very important word today. While we were playing on our bed (or rather, while I should have been able to sleep in, but my husband threw the baby on me), the Dark Lord saw Brandus’ Buddha sitting on his bedside table.

It comes out a little wonky, but it is, in fact, clearly the word ‘Buddha.’

I cant wait to tell my mom!

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3 Responses to Crouching Buddha, Hidden Jesus

  1. Skye says:

    Ditto what Kara said.

  2. Kelly says:

    I like the idea of exposing children to all kinds of religion to let them find their own path if they want one. I think they have a good curriculum that covers many of the worlds religions at the UU church…but I don’t have any personal experience.