Letters of Choice

Dear Barak Obama,

I voted for you two days ago. Please stop emailing me.

Also, for some reason, I had several seven year olds tell me, in complete horror, that if you get elected, you are going to knock down all of their churches. This seems to be bad form, and a really ridiculous idea. I cant imagine that they would invent such a thing, so perhaps you might want to check in and see what that other guy is saying about you, again. You never can tell what he’s going to say next.

Still already voted for you!

PS. Is it bad that there were people out front of the voting place who handed me a list of conservative judges to vote for, that I used as a list of who NOT to vote for? Because I felt a little guilty when they waved so cheerfully and shouted, ‘God bless you!’ after me. Am I going to a hell I dont believe in for this?

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3 Responses to Letters of Choice

  1. natalie says:

    Five days to go. I hope.

  2. Melisa says:

    I think that the Goddess must have been helping you to make the correct decision about who not to vote for. 🙂

    Any yay for voting! I’m waiting to see if I get a ticket from the waitlist to be AT the rally on election night here in Chicago with our friend Barack.

  3. RobMonroe says:

    I keep getting text messages… I should never have signed up for that service.

    I don’t think that your bad thought is as bad as mine – I can think of some churches that need knocking down!