Move Along Monahan

Racher held me down with her very pregnant belly and threatened to give birth on me if I didn’t do a meme. Or maybe she just tagged me. Whatever.


Six Uninteresting Things About Me.

Why uninteresting, I wonder? Im sure I can find something fascinating about myself – just let me check my pockets and go through the couch cushions.

1. My ears are pierced with four different holes. One “set”, one extra in my right ear, and a cartilage piercing in my left ear. None of the earrings I wear on a daily basis match in the slightest, except for all being small and, with the exception of the malachite drop in my left ear, silver.

2. Bugs love me. Currently, we’re fighting a flea battle. Brandus has maybe 5 bites. Voldemort has zero. I have at least 50. I say they love me, but they could just be getting revenge for me being a bug stomping brat in another life. I certainly don’t bug stomp in this life – I get brandus to do it.

3. I’ve spent the last three days reading tutorials on how to make a pin cushion. Something which I could do in fifteen minutes requires approximately thirty six hours of psyching myself up for it.

4. If Voldemort had been a girl, he would have been named (no lie) Lily.

5. It amuses me greatly that my spellcheck no longer argues with me about the spelling of Voldemort. It used to offer such odd suggestions as voltmeter and, my personal favorite, Valdemar. I’m fairly certain there is absolutely no reason for it to know how to spell the name of an imaginary country where horses talk and aren’t horses and where hot guys walk around with hawks on their shoulders, but you know, Im not going to argue. Mmmmm, Darkwind.

6. Word on the street..or, you know, in the school, whatever, is that it is very very possible that I will be a second grade teacher for the remainder of the year. Here’s the big thing, though, I’m not crying at the very thought. In fact, I’m thinking, Cool. Not, COOL! or AWESOME! but…cool.

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One Response to Move Along Monahan

  1. Kara says:

    Darkwind. Yes. Mmm. *eyes hazy*

    What? Um, go second grade! Yeah!

    *always loved Vree, because Gwenna had a stick up her ass, stupid groveborn*