Presidential Reality

So, the president is in my town today.

Now, for people who live in large cities – Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, New York – this might be a common occurance.

But i live in CowTown, Colorado. and an acting president has not been through here in over 75 years.

Naturally, this has lead to some interesting things. Lots of arguements, for one. Lots of rolled eyes, from me. and a student attempting to bribe me into voting for Bush, with a “what do you have against him, anyway?”

oh, let me think. im sure i can come up with something.

but, i had heard that he was coming through to help influence the undecideds. Really? The Undecideds? then why wont you let them into the rally, huh?

This guy is an undecided, and not only did he have trouble with getting tickets, but he comments on three UNC students who were seriously hasseled about getting tickets.

the article i wanted isnt online yet, but its NOT a letter to an editor, but does talk about UNC students getting hasseled about tickets. in it, when a kid is asked if he supports Bush, and he replies negatively, the woman behind the counter, “gets very upset” and can not give him tickets.

Why does it sound like Bush and Co is fighting against UNC students? Especially the undecideds. Has Bush discovered that hostility to young people either A) scares them out of voting or B) causes them to vote for him later?

i was asked why I wasnt down at Island Grove today. As a UNC student, a non-Bush supporter, I think it would be pretty clear that I wouldnt be able to get tickets. And as much fun as it could have been to go down and protest, I had a meeting early this morning, so i couldnt call in sick.

and besides, I didnt want to have to make the infamous, “Hi Dad. I’m in jail” call that it seems protesters get to make.

I really dont get it.

Ive heard Bush speak before, believe it or not. Both Bush and Gore came and did rallies at my college campus during the 2000 elections. Which was also weird, because it was Bumble, South Carolina. No tickets were needed, and no one was asked what party you supported in order to get in.

I find it very interesting that, with Bush, you have to be a commited Bush supporter to get into the rallies. With Kerry, you have to give your zip code.

And that, Mr President, kid who cant believe i would vote against Bush, is one of the reasons why you dont have my vote.

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One Response to Presidential Reality

  1. melisa says:

    You know, I have done quite a bit of protesting, and I havn’t had to call with a hi dad I am in jail. Sometimes I wish, but mostly, not. Have fun with Dub