Amongst Our Weaponry

1. i looked around for a new wordpress theme, but every single one i tried annoyed me with how it ended up looking, so you are stuck with this one. because it gives all the information i want, all right there, without me having to mess with it.

2. brandus now has a blog. but nothing has been done with it yet, so im reluctant to give out the domain name. will let you know.

3. have done things to the blog roll. *handwavy* added and edited and cleared a few things out that i just dont read anymore.

which means there is now an ever increasing number of mommy and daddy blogs being added. oh dear.

4. im about to head out for a different village tomorrow night, leaving brandus and voldemort alone. for 2 nights. i found myself frantically counting ounces of milk in the freezer, hoping hoping hoping that ive left enough.

yes, there is formula too, if absolutely necessary. I mean, the kiddo wont starve. but he hasnt had formula in months, and im worried he wont take it now.

and..i cant figure out if i should still be pumping every couple of hours while im at my training. there is a freezer available, but..i dont know. and then having to haul it all back with me in my little cooler on a teeny plane. ack.

5. the dark lordling now has a little cousin! The Critter was born August 20th at 12:01am! Voldemort’s Aunt Natalie and Uncle Dave are understandable thrilled.

The boys wont get to meet for quite a while, with us living on one edge of the country, and them living on the other.

6. We’ve been playing with Skype, as part of trying to figure out how to introduce the cousins, and its working pretty well. Plus, its free, which is also way of the cool. we’ve got brandus’ folks all set up, and we’re working on my folks.

7. Dominos has THE most disturbing commercials about dessert food. first, there was Fudgems, and now there is the oreo pizza mustache.


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3 Responses to Amongst Our Weaponry

  1. shan says:

    ok, first, when did you start reading fussy? I keep going back and forth on that one. I check it about once a month but can’t decide if I should add it.

    2nd, bran has ANOTHER blog?

    3rd-the oreo mustache is disturbing, and was it just me or were the fudgems remarkabley similiar to poopums?

    4th-i like lists

  2. natalie says:

    I think you’re supposed to continue pumping for your own sake, even if you can’t take the milk with you, so that your milk supply continues as it was. Also, we’re not using the Critter’s name online, so you could just refer to him as the Critter? I’ve got to check out the new mama & papa blogs you’ve got listed…

  3. Emily says:

    I’ve spent hour upon hour browsing the wordpress themes. I’m ready for a new one, don’t have time to create my own anymore, and can’t seem to find The Perfect Theme.

    So I stay boring for now.