Click This

Go here and practice using the new electronic ballets. This one takes come practice.

but it made me laugh out loud after an absolutly miserable day, so give it a shot.

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One Response to Click This

  1. Jan says:

    Remember good girls always smile and say thank you. Picture this:
    Two southern ladies are at the kitchen table talking
    1st “one says Here you gave your husband another boy ”
    2nd “yes, and you see this little old biddy diamond ring he gave me?’
    1st “yes”
    2nd “well have you seen the fur coat in the closet”
    1st “yes”
    2nd “well that is what my husband gave me for our second son, and that caddillac parked out, out front is what he gave me for our first son.”
    1st “that’s nice”
    2nd “well didn’t you just have a boy?’
    1st ‘yes I did”
    2nd “well what did your husband give you?”
    1st “well he sent me to finishing school’
    2nd “finiahing school, your marries and have a child, why? did he do that?”
    1st “so I could say that’s nice and thank you to b—–es like you?”
    thats a good ole southern attitude right No refelction on you personally but always
    remember that one as it was told to me as a child.