A Kindergartener

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Voldemort started Kindergarten. (He’s also figured out how to hack the ipad password so he can buy his own games. He is a dangerous, dangerous child.) In KINDERGARTEN, which I am not yet over. Holy crap, my baby is in KINDERGARTEN. He’s in real school! Where he has real homework! Where they don’t take naps! Where he’s forgotten 2 lunch boxes and a jacket already!

He comes home and casually tells us about the stories and the playground and how he knows his letters and somebody puked in the trash can, and it’s all so WEIRD.

Kindergarten. Gah.

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  1. ladysaotome says:

    August 29th, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    Aw. What a stinker!! (re: the ipad password)
    At least he’s not breaking lunchboxes. Yet. My munchkin went through 3 that first year. I was so mad her specially-ordered-through-ebay Princess bento boxes were trashed!