After countless applications, very few calls, and even fewer interviews, I FINALLY HAVE A JOB.

I’m still in preK SpEd, and I think this job will be a much better fit, as one of the reasons I was bored at my last job was because I really only had 1 kid with a significant disability. Here, it will be a pretty even mix. AND Voldemort should be able to attend Kindergarten there, which is good, because the downside to this job is the fact the school day is an hour longer than normal. Yeesh.

And they start earlier, so I’ve had to cancel half of the only summer travel plans I had in order to be here on time, but hey, employment means getting to eat, and that does have to come first.

I’m still going to be traveling, and I will update when I can, but it might be a little spotty.

Mainly because sometimes I suck at updating, but hey!

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One Response to EMPLOYED

  1. RobMonroe says:

    HOORAY!! Congrats to you, such happy news!