Yummy Things

Chocolate cupcakes from scratch – super easy, and pretty darn good. Use oil instead of butter so they don’t turn out dry.

Basic Pizza Dough – a recipe I use weekly, probably. Toss in a little parm and herb into the crust and mmMMMmmm.

Breakfast cake – I’ve made this once a week for the past three weeks. It’s a great snack, too. Brandus says it needs a little brown sugar, but I like it just as it is.

Homemade Oreos – I havent tried these with the filling, but the cookie is almost exactly the IN YOUR FACE WITH MY CHOCOLATE BITCH cookies that I’ve made for Natalie before. I plan to play around with subbing some of the butter out for shortening to see if that makes them a little less inclined to take over the world when they spread out.

Vegetarian Burrito Bowls – OM NOM NOM. The guacamole and the lime cilantro rice make this SO GOOD OMG.

The Holy Trinity – I HAVE NOT YET TRIED THIS BUT OMG. It’s a cookie! It’s cake! It’s PIE! All at the same time! *excited hands* SOMEONE MAKE THIS AND TELL ME ABOUT IT.

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4 Responses to Yummy Things

  1. Kara says:

    The cookie pie cake reminds me of the brownie/chocolate chip cookie thing Allie sent me the recipe to about seven years ago. PMS satisfaction on a stick. Of butter. OMG. I might have to try this…

  2. RobMonroe says:

    Holy freaking wow! That last one looks like heaven!

  3. Natalie says:

    My brain froze at “breakfast cake.” YES PLEASE.

  4. Louise says:

    Oh man, oh man. I now need to make all of these. Although I gave up baked goods for Lent. When is Easter?!!